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head & shoulders

Barbara's story:  Twenty one years ago, a dear friend, was kind enough to recommend some Shaklee products for an issue I was dealing with.  They worked amazingly fast, and over time I began using other products, skin care, weight management and cleaning.   I especially liked that I did not have to spend hours shopping for them.  This was too good not to share.  As I began sharing more, I began earning income.  The more I shared the more I made, but the most satisfying thing was that I was helping others.  Four blessings from one conversation.

Ray's story:  Shortly after Barbara and I met we were doing some cleaning.  I noticed there were only three bottles of 'something' that we used and there was no disgusting odor.  Well when I learned what it was and how economical, plus it was non-toxic, I was sold. 

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